I was working on another post but was interrupted by the arrival of a certain gentleman upon the premises. He didn’t bring much luggage with him, but he evidently means to stay a while.

To put it another way: he’s out, and he ain’t going back in.

From my sleep-deprived hormonal haze I can offer a few observations:

  1. Blogging is hard to do one-handed
  2. Dickens is delightful but likewise hard to read one-handed
  3. What did new parents do before they had google to tell them how to coax a baby into sleeping at night or give tips about colic?
  4. Life was probably better before new parents had google to give them false hopes about how to coax a baby to sleep at night or cure colic
  5. Babies have mad skills; this week my son has learned with little instruction how to breath, regulate his body temperature, eat, digest his own food, and poop, all while dealing with gravity for the first time in his life. And I — well, at least I showered a few days ago
  6. Every baby is different — but somehow every baby manages to be just exactly what he ought to be
  7. Babies. Well, you know 🙂



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