News from the Edge of Sanity

I’m working on having a real post someday soon! In the meantime, some bits & pieces.

I hope you all had a pleasant Victoria Day; I’m writing a review ITV/Masterpieces’s Victoria for anyone interested. In the meantime, enjoy this Victoria comic.

I also hope you celebrated the feast of the Venerable Bede by surviving the plague, reading some scriptural commentary and correctly dating Easter. And lest you ever be accused of that heresy whilst innocently dining at a party (as our friend Bede was), here’s a watch designed to keep you orthodox.

When the world needs a hero — a hero will rise.

This piece is a few months old but it explained everything I never knew I knew about ablaut reduplication.

All the summer booklists are here! Pardon me while I construct my own fantasy (meaning I’m pretending that there are 7 months of weekends in the summer in which to read) summer reading lists therefrom. The New York Times keeps it classy, while Modern Mrs Darcy supplies me with easy reading.

And finally, some Austen for your Tuesday? I’m working up a post on her, too, but in the meantime be amused by the ladies at Verily answering dating inquiries using only Lizzie Bennet quotes. Or go enjoy this festival for me.


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