Things I’ve Been Reading Instead of Writing

The shift to DST was brutal, as always. But now that we’ve mostly forgotten the whole business, perhaps we could remind ourselves that it doesn’t need to be this way? Europe is already on the bandwagon.

Apparently men and women have different neural pathways to register pain – and those pathways change with age, as well! Cue the ‘man flu is real’ jokes.

This is old news, but new to me: Wombats poop cubes, and now we know how. I’ll just add that to my files under “Australian wildlife is always even weirder than you remembered”.

Pertinent to our interests: an article about how issues with sourcing paper are affecting book publishing right now.

Narnia, etc, enters the public domain in 2034. I wasn’t looking forward to that date with any particular interest until I heard that Francis Spufford, author of the excellent Golden Hill, has written his own Narnia fanfic??

From an old episode of This American Life, the story of Bobby Dunbar, kidnapped as a young child during a family vacation in 1912 and restored to his family 8 months later. The twist: DNA testing of his children reveal that the boy restored to the Dunbars wasn’t their son after all.

Also pertinent to our interests: the 2019 American Copy Editor’s Society Conference has convened. Spoiler: we no longer need hyphenate terms like “African American.”


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